How To Save Money When Adding A Teenager To My Car Insurance

You might be dreading the day you must add a teen driver to your policy. It’s a definite sign your little child is now all grown up. He or she is driving a car! Apart from safety concern, you also face higher policy rates adding teenager to car insurance.

Luckily, we can help you save on increased premiums while we insure and ensure your teen’s driving safety.

Add a Teenage Driver to Existing Policy Economically

adding a teenager to car insurance

How To Prevent Spiked Premiums While Adding A Teenager To Car Insurance

You can not take car insurances for young drivers lightly. This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. Your present car insurance costs may rise but it is still less expensive than a separate policy. Remember, age and driving record of primary driver insured on existing policy will affect premiums when adding teenagers.

You Can Moderate Premiums For Adding A Teenager To Car Insurance

  • Teens Should Study Better :
    Auto insurance companies have good student discount on offer for adding a teenager to your car insurance policy. Most insurers commonly look for consistent A- or B-average grades in teen drivers.
  • Teens Attending Driver’s Education Course:
    Enrolling in a driver’s education course will prove beneficial even when your State does not require it. Auto insurance companies reward drivers who learn and apply rules of the road. Completing driver’s ed helps achieve that.
  • Go One-Step Further, Enroll In Extra Driver-Training Course :
    An additional or extra driver-training course makes teens eligible for discount. Irrespective of whether they complete a driver’s ed course.
Teens have a responsibility to save on car insurance costs too!

adding teenager to car insurance
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