Can You Get An Extension On Car Insurance Payments
To Avoid Lapse?

We must deal with this doubt. Insurers do not always guarantee car insurance with third party extension. Grace periods give time but expose one to dangers. Accidents happen unexpectedly. You can still put in your claim because your policy has not lapsed. However, insurers are not likely to proceed until you pay up. During an accident claim, late payments, current dues and deductibles, if any, add up to a significant amount. You will need large cash upfront to succeed with your accident claim. Pay regularly to avoid extension on auto insurance hassles.

Losing Coverage Without Car Insurance Extension – Penalties For Driving Uninsured

Penalties Imposed By State Laws for Driving Without Insurance. If you have had a policy but failed to make this months’ payment, you may be in for some serious consequences. It is illegal to drive without valid car insurance. Avoid it with extension on car insurance.

  • Increasing Fines in New York $8/day first 30 days, $10/day for 31-60 days and $12/day for 61-90 days.
  • Caught at uninsured driving may result in suspended driving license.
  • If your credit score is stopping you to pay your premium. Relax; there is auto insurance without credit check for you.
  • DMV cancels vehicle registration if driving without insurance. Better, extend car insurance by 1 month NOW!
  • Additional hassle of SR-22 filing for reinstating registration and driving license.
  • Repeated offenders do jail time.
  • In event of an accident, cops can and do arrest drivers in absence of valid car insurance policy.

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