Owner And Non-Owner’s Coverage
Driving Someone Else's Car On Your Own Insurance

Do you want insurance driving a car other than yours? If you drive someone else’s car, you invite trouble with a capital T. You can buy car insurance for non car owners but you can’t purchase insurance for that car. Car owner must do it because companies allow only owners to insure their vehicle.

Drivers behind the wheel must have their name on documents insuring the car and have non-owner's insurance.

So get listed for insurance coverage driving someone else's car!

Know About Insurance When Driving Someone Else's Car...

  • If you were driving a car that caused an accident or any other incident, you must pay for all damages no matter who owns it.
  • You must have minimum liability cover, that is, insurance for driving someone else's car, if you are getting behind any car wheel. It is illegal to drive without it. You face fines, jail, losing driving license temporary or permanently.
  • In order to drive a car other than yours’ you should first check your policy. Your insurer can tell you if you need to pay for extra coverage.

Buying Car Insurance When Driving Someone Else's Car
Can Everyone Get DOC Cover?

  • Your typical auto insurance policies exclude DOC - 'driving other cars' coverage for those under 25. Insurers consider young drivers as higher risk and prohibit car insurance driving someone else's car.
  • Driver policies for some occupations like motor trade do not provide DOC cover. Employers must get special coverage. Frequency of driving other car in occupations is too high for insurers to risk providing coverage.

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