How Gender Can Affect Car Insurance Rates For Boys And Girls

Gender-based statistics on risky driving behavior influence car insurance rates for boys and girls. Age and sex have categorized accidents differentially for many years. According to National statistics, males between 16 and 30 show risky driving behavior as compared to females. Males choose to drive expensive and risky vehicles. Their frequency of motor accidents and average mileage exceed that of females. Insurers calculate car insurance rates by age and gender because of these risks.

This is why women generally pay less;
men end up making higher car insurance payments

Insurers are prone to charge younger males excessively due to their car choices and driving habits. Though it is not a thumb rule, insurers may also make exceptions for girl drivers for offering 0 down payment car insurance. This is likely to increase their good customer base. Boys attract higher premiums as they drive showy sports cars at higher speeds, taking more risks than any girl does. As a result, insurers justify higher car insurance rates by gender for boys. Younger boy drivers have more accidents causing fatalities and violations.

Pricing Gaps Due To Car Insurance Gender Influences

Female Car Insurance Cheaper Than Male

car insurance rates by gender
  • Statistics help explain why gender is a rating factor for car insurance. It clearly shows 19-year-old boys end up paying as much as 12% more than girls! Boys and girls of higher ages not having any violations or accidents in 3 years show similar car insurance costs. Analysis of data from 54 auto insurance companies indicated 19-year-old boys present highest risks. This determines premiums for boys and girls resulting in different average car insurance rates by age and gender. Gender data shows younger boys drive every so often given the slightest excuse. Younger boys have to deal with many speeding tickets. Moreover, 19-year-old boys get involved in more DUI offenses and accidents than girls do.

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