What A No Claim Bonus Car Insurance Actually Is and
How It Can Be Protected?

Almost all companies provide no claim bonus car insurance covers but to secure such discount and to keep it intact, you need to get proper information on the subject. If you have knowledge, you could be in a much better position to protect no claim bonus offered on your auto insurance premium.

Most of the insurance companies offer special zero claim bonus on car insurance policies. It is needless to say that such no claim bonuses can help buyers to net huge discounts on their auto insurance covers. Remember, in the United States, it is mandatory for drivers to get their vehicles insured before driving them. And if a particular driver does not file any claim each year, he is entitled to receive a no claim discount on the next year’s car insurance premium. Normally, most of the insurance providers provide such discounts to drivers if they have not filed for claims during past 5 years.

How Much Amount Of
No Claim Discount Auto Insurance Benefit Can One Get?

The amount of no claims discount offered could vary from driver to driver. Usually, drivers, who haven’t filed insurance claims during the past one year, could be entitled to receive a discount up to 30% of the annual auto insurance premium and those, who have not filed claims for the last 2 years, may get concession of up to 40% on premiums. Similarly, drivers, who have gone 5 years without filing any claims, may have the chance to obtain discounts up to 60 or 65 % on their car insurance premiums. Hence, to secure maximum discounts it is essential that you maintain a clean driving record.

Here’s How You Can Protect
Your No Claim Bonus Car Insurance Premium?

A driver, who is not at fault during an accident, can keep his no claim discount intact if the other person involved in the collision takes all the blame. In any case, for safeguarding your position, it is always better to consider paying some additional money over and above the insurance premium amount. By doing so, even if you file for a claim, your no claims bonus will remain protected. But you need to be aware that few insurers may take a hard view if you file two claims in a year with your no claims bonus protected. Some other companies may even think of reducing it significantly.

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