What Happens If You Don't Have Car Insurance and Get Into an Accident

Seriously, any State can fine, take away driving license plus car registration and even make drivers do prison time on getting into an accident unable to pay health and damages. If it is car accident no insurance, pay out-of-pocket or face lawsuits.

  • Buying insurance later (lapsed) won’t cover it.
  • In at-fault States, responsible driver pays you. However, getting in a car accident without insurance can not get back sufficient compensation if State laws prevent.
  • Uninsured shoppers cannot get cheap rates!
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What Car Accident Without Insurance Makes You Face – Facing Penalties

An uninsured car accident may be of least concern to you. Be more concerned about consequences of driving without insurance. There is a list of penalties for driving without insurance compiled by the Consumer Federation of America.

First time offenders may get away with $175 fine in Texas, but have to pay $1,000 or up to 90 days prison term in Minnesota. That is not all. Drive without insurance and lose your license and registration if caught!

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Is It Difficult To Getting Car Insurance After Accident Or Even Totally Impossible?

Accidents result in claims and bad driving record. This affect rates. At fault drivers have to bear higher rates. Insurers cancel policies in serious or multiple claims. Be prepared for such consequences. Shopping for car insurance with bad driving record after accident is difficult but not impossible.

If your service provider does not cancel policy after accident, you may still enjoy necessary coverage but with higher premiums. Otherwise, start thinking of Where can I get auto insurance with a bad driving record at affordable rates.

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