Good Drivers Penalized With Cost Of High Risk Car Insurance Stigma
When Moving To Mainstream Coverage

According to new data analytics, good drivers looking out for coverage from standard insurers may still face stigmas carried over from their nonstandard auto insurance companies. How much is high risk car insurance paid in past continues to determine car insurance costs for good drivers in present.

Consumer Federation of America reports drivers switching from high-risk or "nonstandard" auto insurer to a large standard insurer receive higher rate quotes. Despite showing present safe driving records. Low cost high risk auto insurance may not be within reach.

How Much Does High Risk Car Insurance Cost Differ From That Of Safe Drivers?

No two drivers can ever expect to pay exact same premium. Premiums vary across companies and across states. High risk auto drivers have to bear two to three times what the lowest priced ‘preferred-risk’ insurance policy costs. Fortunately, this is not a fixed rule for all insurers.

There are still other reasons to consider difference in how much does high risk car insurance cost for drivers having same driving history. High risk drivers’ premiums are calculated based on state where insurers sells policy, type of vehicle and coverages underwritten in policy. Different influencing factors can cause different rates for two drivers with exact same driving history.

When safe drivers move to high-risk group, their premiums shoot up significantly. An accident or serious citation is cause for a higher rate because drivers move to high risk category. It is not only how much does high risk auto insurance cost but also what makes them lose benefits. Loss of good or safe driver discounts spike differences and affect premiums worse than high risk base rate for such drivers.

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