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Weekly auto insurance policies are covers which are specifically designed for drivers who are in need of short term car coverage. If you are one of those who require car insurance for one week then we can help you to locate top rated companies which provide a coverage that lasts for a week’s time. Take advantage of our specialist nationwide services online for finding a company which offers you the best deal on a 1 week auto insurance cover. Benefit with a simple, easy and hassle-free online application process that can save you time as well as money. Apply online now!

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You can get your car insurance for one week extended if you have purchased the vehicle policy recently. All you need to do is just contact your insurer and pay additional premium money for getting the extension. But it could be important for you to make sure that the car coverage has not lapsed or else you may face some difficulty.

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Points To Keep In Mind While Buying The Car Insurance For A Week

To obtain low cost one week auto insurance policy online, it could be better if you follow a stepwise procedure as mentioned below:

Keep details of name and address, valid driver’s license, car to be driven and personal past driving record ready for submission.
Apply online to get one week car insurance quotes from several insurers by specifying number of days for coverage
While comparing free quotes, you need to make sure that you buy coverage which is as per state’s insurance laws.
For identifying the right type of one week car insurance cover, compare proposals secured by using a good online comparison tool.
Contact the insurance provider you have chosen, finalize car insurance for one week, close deal and pay the premium.
Once you have paid the premium in full, ensure that you secure a confirmation receipt by email and policy document.

Determine Whether You Can Get One Week Auto Insurance or Not

  • Normally, auto insurance policies could be made available for a period of 3, 4, 5 or 12 months and drivers can pay premium amount in lump sum or through a favourable monthly instalment schedule.
  • Nevertheless, these days it is possible to find companies which offer car insurance for 1 week in USA and buyers only need to pay premium for a week’s time for insuring their vehicles
  • With our expert guidance, you could be in a much better position to locate reliable and reputed insurers that provide affordable car insurance for a week within minutes of applying online with us.

Know What All Is Included In One Week Car Insurance USA Policy

  • A typical 1 week car insurance cover will comprise of basic coverage as required by every state’s auto insurance rules and regulations and includes liability coverage for personal injury protection, bodily injuries and property damages.
  • However, drivers have the option of choosing comprehensive or full coverage as well as getting name of another driver added to the policy they are choosing.
  • Any considerations will be applicable to both the drivers covered under contents of the weekly car insurance coverage.

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Explore the Reasons for Choosing Car Insurance Weekly Policy

You could buy weekly auto insurance policy for a variety of reasons some of which may be as under:

  • To borrow car from a friend or relative for a week’s time for moving to a new home
  • For using a borrowed vehicle as your car is being repaired or needs urgent maintenance
  • Borrowing a vehicle from friend, neighbour, relative or acquaintance for enjoying a week’s vacation
  • Going out of town for a week for some business work or taking care of friend’s or relative’s vehicle
  • For taking part in car rally with your vehicle

From the above, it is evident that car insurance for 1 week can be viable alternatives in certain situations. Whatever may be your reason for buying such type of car coverage, we could assist you to find a 1 week car insurance quote that best fits your monthly budget!

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When Should You Consider Buying One Week Insurance for Car

You could buy weekly auto insurance policy for a variety of reasons some of which may be as under:

  • Buying a 1 week auto insurance coverage could be an ideal proposition if you are planning to go on business trip to another state by borrowing or leasing a vehicle.
  • You can even think of purchasing car insurance coverage for a week’s time if you are considering going on a vacation with your family or friends with a rental car.
  • Another situation wherein you may need to get car insurance for 1 week is when you will be test driving different cars for choosing the right car for your circumstances.
  • Parents can opt for weekly auto insurance covers if they are expecting their teens back home from college for a weeklong vacation during which they will be driving their cars.
Determine Whether Your Personal Car Insurance Policy Covers Temporary Policy
  • It is possible that your existing personal auto insurance policy may also cover rental cars as well. If that is the case, you need not purchase temporary insurance through rental agency counter for rented cars.
  • The extent of coverage provided for rental vehicles in personal car insurance policies is the same as that applicable for your personal vehicle. If you have purchased comprehensive-collision coverage with adequate limits and chosen a high deductible for your personal car then it will automatically apply to the rental vehicle.
  • But still, prior to getting a car on rent, it is always desirable to check facts with your insurer. You can even consult a competent agent to decide the right course of action for you.
  • In any case, you must know that rental auto insurance on your personal car policy may not apply to a rented car if it is being used for business purposes.

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