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Finding cheap car insurance with bad driving record may appear like a mirage. Most of the insurers consider bad drivers to be risky propositions to insure as their likelihood of getting involved in car accidents is more and probability of filing claims is high. Alternatively, even serious traffic violations can lead to huge pay-outs as there may be damages to other persons or even property. Nevertheless, regardless of their driving records, drivers have to get their cars adequately insured as law demands it. And why one needs to bother when there could be ways to save some money on car insurance for drivers with bad records.

Affordable Auto Insurance with Bad Driving Record within Minutes

It could be challenging to find cheap auto insurance with bad driving record unless you do some homework before you start researching your options. Getting your vehicle insured at a premium you can afford without compromising on coverage can be difficult especially when your driving slate is in a poor shape. And traffic tickets can take up to 3 years for falling off driving records. During the time period, bad drivers may have to dish out money from their pocket if their cars meet with accidents causing bodily injuries to others or their properties. Besides, standard insurance companies do not provide car insurance for bad drivers as they perceive greater degree of financial risks. Thankfully, some non-standard insurers show willingness to offer bad driver car insurance at a lower price.

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Eligibility To Obtain
Cheap Auto Insurance for Bad Driving Record

It will be extremely difficult to get cheap auto insurance for bad drivers if you have a DUI conviction. In many states, drivers with DUI convictions are required to file for SR-22 certification for getting their suspended driver’s license reinstated.
Premiums charged on car insurance for first time drivers can be much higher as compared to any other category of drivers. But there could be a way out; they can get their names added to parents or spouses existing policy.
Auto insurance for people with bad driving records can be difficult to get if there is discontinuity in your car coverage. Even if you show that you are still responsible driver, it will take time for premium to decrease.
Credit is an important factor from insurers’ perspective for assessing risks of granting car coverage to drivers. To that effect, if your credit rating is bad, you can expect the premium to be high as insurers will tag you “risky”.
The best auto insurance for bad driving record can be hard to get at cheaper premium if you have been indulged in some serious driving violations like speeding, road rage or hit and run case leading to suspended driver license.
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Best Car Insurance For Bad Driving Record - Reasons To Buy

There may be number of reasons for which you might be needed to buy bad driving car insurance, some of which are as under.

  • You have met with an accident but do not have valid insurance.
  • You have been caught while driving car without any valid insurance.
  • You have been convicted for DUI or DWI offense leading to suspension of driver’s license.
  • You have been indulged in bad or reckless driving practices on road and issued a traffic tickets.
  • Your driver’s license has been suspended or revoked for some serious kind of traffic violation.

Bad Driving Record Auto Insurance – 3 Things To Consider

  • Compare multiple free quotes – Obtain car insurance quotes for bad driving records from at least 4 to 5 different top rated local insurers and compare them in detail for finding the right type of insurer for your specific driving needs as well as budget.
  • Your bad driver tag is temporary – Companies may categorize you as a bad driver today but if you prove to them that you are safe & responsible driver, your status is bound to change. However, if you have DUI/DWI conviction, premiums will continue to be higher.
  • Steps for lowering premium rates – Premium rate on bad driving record car insurance can be lowered by taking certain preventive actions like passing out a training course for learning defensive driving techniques, maintaining good grades in academics consistently, improving status of your credit report, etc.

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Shop to Find the Cheap Car Insurance for Bad Driving Record

  • Although finding the cheapest auto insurance for bad driving record is practically possible, there are certain things that you can do on your own to save precious money on premium.
  • Actions like getting enrolled for a defensive driver’s training course and driving cars with safety features can be helpful in qualifying for premium discounts.
  • Besides, extensive shopping and comparison of free no obligation quotes can enable you to identify cheap car insurance for bad driving records with adequate coverage. You may find the process an exhaustive but specialist assistance is available locally to make the task easier and stress-free.
Make Your Insurance Premiums Affordable, Regardless Of Driving Record

With poor driving record, you are exposed to the risk of having to pay high premiums. It is a common perception among insurers that bad drivers have much higher probability of filing claims because of their reckless driving practices. But still, it could be possible to reduce premium as under:

  • Buy coverage as per needs - Analyse your exact car coverage requirements prior to researching your options. But make sure that you purchase coverage that is mandated by your state’s law.
  • Ask about premium discounts- Companies provide some types of discounts on premium based on driver’s age, gender, car type, etc. Check your eligibility to get discounted auto insurance package
  • Enrol for safe driver training - By passing out defensive driver training course, you will be a more responsible driver. Besides, majority of the insurers will offer you special premium discount.
  • Choose a higher deductible - High deductibles can be useful for lowering premium as they reduce insurers’ risks particularly with regards to settling of any likely claims filed by drivers.
  • Bundle home and car insurance - If you get car and home insured with the same insurer, you will qualify for an extra discount on premium. Talk to an agent today!

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